Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book/Bible Cover

I'm such a bad blogger, I know I'm gone way too long in between.
But it seems life just gets in the way.
I started going to a bible study in September of this year, and really am enjoying it. I bought a brand new bible (mine was a bit "outdated" - I know hard to say about a book written forever ago!). I didn't want my beautiful bible to get all beat up, and thought I should make a cover for it. I could then include a pocket for pens and such, and add some book marker ribbons -
ever so handy when doing a study.

So here you have it. I just came home this afternoon and tossed it together quick. I was actually amazed it turned out on my first try. It's a bit snug, but being cotton it will stretch. And I just adore this Amy Butler fabric. I have a purse all cut out and ready to be sewn together out of the same stuff.
The sewing never ends.....


Front - pocket empty

Front - pens in pocket.
Flower button & silver beads on the book markers

Inside - pocket for cover is also a
great place to stash notes/papers

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  1. Love the fabric! The beads on the ribbon is a super cute. :)