Monday, November 29, 2010

Items up for sale at the Clay Corner Studio

I was given the opportunity to make some clothing items to sell.
Here's what has been made so far. All itmes are up for sale at the
Clay Corner Studio in Wausau.

Wristlet Key Chains/fobs

Girls Dress Size 3

Girls Twirl Skirt - Size 3/4

Girls reversable top - Size 6

Girls Jacket - Size 2T
Girls Knit Playdress - Size 4

Girls Jacket and Skirt with ruffle trim - Size 6

Girls Jacket and Skirt - Size 5

Yellow turquoise earrings and necklace

This is a set of earrings and necklace I made the other night. I've had these yellow turquoise beads for over a year and finally was inspired to put it together. The best part - all this stuff has been sitting around for over a year - no new investment involved. So a new set of jewelry to wear with no current out of pocket expense!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey, Where's Perry?

With our upcoming trip to Disney this Holiday season I wanted Little Man C to have something special to wear. Princess A has her Princess Aurora costume that she wore for Halloween (I promise to post photos!), but still needed something for him. He adores Perry the Platypus from Pheneas and Ferb, so the hunt was on.
I saw this shirt on-line, but wasn't willing to pay 17 dollars for a screen printed I decided to make my own.
Got my T at Hobby Lobby for 3.99, all the other fabrics were left over's from other projects.
So for 4 dollars (a fraction of the cost) Little Man C now has this shirt to wear at Disney.

This was my first real aplique project, and I think it went pretty well.
I feel inspired to try more, who knows what else I can come up with.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book/Bible Cover

I'm such a bad blogger, I know I'm gone way too long in between.
But it seems life just gets in the way.
I started going to a bible study in September of this year, and really am enjoying it. I bought a brand new bible (mine was a bit "outdated" - I know hard to say about a book written forever ago!). I didn't want my beautiful bible to get all beat up, and thought I should make a cover for it. I could then include a pocket for pens and such, and add some book marker ribbons -
ever so handy when doing a study.

So here you have it. I just came home this afternoon and tossed it together quick. I was actually amazed it turned out on my first try. It's a bit snug, but being cotton it will stretch. And I just adore this Amy Butler fabric. I have a purse all cut out and ready to be sewn together out of the same stuff.
The sewing never ends.....


Front - pocket empty

Front - pens in pocket.
Flower button & silver beads on the book markers

Inside - pocket for cover is also a
great place to stash notes/papers

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swing coat by Dear My Kids Easywear

This is the little jacket I made for the Sew-a-Long put on by From an Igloo.
I think it turned out pretty cute. The pattern is by Dear My Kids Easy Wear.
I also purchased 2 other patterns, and am looking forward to giving them a try!
The jacket is a light weight fine cord with a cotton lining.
It does run a big small under the arms, so we might not be keeping this one. But it sure is cute. And Princess A was such a fun little model with her matching phone and leather beaded bracelet (see last post for bracelet).

Front view with sneak peak of lining

Close up of collar and buttons at yoke.

Back view - cute little box pleat.

Side view

Monday, September 27, 2010

Knotted Leather Bracelet

Two more bracelets made from knotted leather and beads.
Again inspired by the bracelets in Garnet Hill - but from an older catalog.
Guess I'm just behind the times.
They consist of 3 strands of leather (or 2 leather and one wire) and then the beads. A simple macramé knot done 2-3 times in-between each bead that is threaded on in the middle. I'll try to work on a tutorial for this soon - when I've got some spare time. HA!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who could live in this nice little castle?
Someone who has a vanity mirror and space to store fun things.

A Princess?
A ballerina
Someone with a lot of dress up clothes!
Dresses, skirts, even a mermaid!

This little girl lives there. She's a simple little girl who loves to dress up and have fun. Much like my own Princess A.

I originally got this idea from the Butterick website on their free download page. They make a fabric "paper" doll with Velcro tabs. Too much fuss for me, felt seemed to be easier and would stick to itself.
So I got to work, made the doll, and then started on some of the clothes. The pink/blue princes dress is reversible as is the ballerina outfit. They got to be a bit heavy, so I went to just one outfit on one side. I then needed a place for her to "live" and made a castle with pockets for some of the smaller pieces like bows and shoes. Next was the mermaid outfit, swimsuit and lace skirt. I could go on making more and more outfits for her...but I'm afraid her castle is already a bit snug - and I'm not sure how to add on an addition.
Princess A loves her felt doll and dressing her up. She comes back to it over and over and loves the fact that mommy made it for her. Could she melt my heart anymore?

Sew Along - Kids jacket

So excited to start the sew-along that From an Igloo is having!

Check back later today to see how far I've get...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mini Bride Dress - and such a beautiful bride!

My beautiful SIL was married this past July and asked Princess A to be a mini bide in the wedding. My SIL’s dress is beautiful, and we wanted something that would resemble her dress. So off to the drawing board. I had an idea of the type of dress I wanted to make. It needed to match, be semi fitted, comfortable and something Princess A would want to wear all day.  How to do all of this? Shirring! I cut the front by copying the front of another dress that fits well. Then made the back, shirred it…then the skirt. The triple layer at the bottom matches the bride, and the halter top is actually one of the straps from the bride’s dress. I added lace and hand sewed on all the beads. It took forever, but I think it was totally worth it. There is also a matching train that snaps on. I’ll have to find some photos of that and add them in when I find them. The dress fit Princess A to a T, and she wore it until she fell asleep on the dance floor. It was quite a night!

Princess A and Christi

front of dress


beading at the bodice

bottom hemline of dress

back of dress

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tooth Pillow

Little Man C had a loose tooth quite early - only a 2 months after he turned 5. It was actually quite unexpected. We had been in to the dentist that morning and our hygienist said it was lose and would probably fall out in the next day or so. I was shocked, really - a lose tooth already??!! Well he wiggled and wiggled on it, had it bent all the way forward and asked me how to get it out. I told him to grab it with two fingers and pull....AND HE DID! Out it popped. Now what to do with this tooth? We needed a special place for it under his pillow. So I went out and found a cute pillow pattern by Jill Tacy (can't find it on the web again, so sorry no link.)

I had plenty of scrap fabric around to throw one together quick. It was easy, turned out cute and Little Man C loves it! He's a smiling tooth on one side with a little pocket on the back perfect for a tooth.

Cheeks are pink felt appliquéd on, the eyes and smile are stitched with embroidery thread.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

When I saw the Princess Bella dress at Izzy and Ivy, I knew I had to have it. I just loved the layering and all the fabric involved. Shirring, layers, bows - can you get any more girlie? Plus the pattern is size 2-10. We are talking a lot of wear out of this one. Dress, shirt - maybe even a dress that becomes a shirt. So I bought the pattern, found some cute valentines fabric and set out to make the dress for Princess A to wear to the Disney Princesses on Ice this past Valentine's Day.

The pattern, or I should say directions, are quite easy to follow. This pattern is more or less the directions/measurements on how to cut out all your pieces - rectangles and such - versus a pattern you pin on and trace. I actually marked out the pieces I needed on some large paper first, just because I like to cut out from a pattern piece rather than try and measure fabric.

This was my first attempt at shirring. And I now love shirring. All in all the dress went together really fast. The pattern was even easy enough that I was able to make a mini version for her Bitty Baby Doll - Bee. Princess A was an adorable little doll at the Disney Ice show.

Since February she's worn it a few other times, including this summer as just a sun dress. It has LOTS of room to grow so I think it will fit her for quite a few years (again why I love shirring).