Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mini Bride Dress - and such a beautiful bride!

My beautiful SIL was married this past July and asked Princess A to be a mini bide in the wedding. My SIL’s dress is beautiful, and we wanted something that would resemble her dress. So off to the drawing board. I had an idea of the type of dress I wanted to make. It needed to match, be semi fitted, comfortable and something Princess A would want to wear all day.  How to do all of this? Shirring! I cut the front by copying the front of another dress that fits well. Then made the back, shirred it…then the skirt. The triple layer at the bottom matches the bride, and the halter top is actually one of the straps from the bride’s dress. I added lace and hand sewed on all the beads. It took forever, but I think it was totally worth it. There is also a matching train that snaps on. I’ll have to find some photos of that and add them in when I find them. The dress fit Princess A to a T, and she wore it until she fell asleep on the dance floor. It was quite a night!

Princess A and Christi

front of dress


beading at the bodice

bottom hemline of dress

back of dress

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