Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who could live in this nice little castle?
Someone who has a vanity mirror and space to store fun things.

A Princess?
A ballerina
Someone with a lot of dress up clothes!
Dresses, skirts, even a mermaid!

This little girl lives there. She's a simple little girl who loves to dress up and have fun. Much like my own Princess A.

I originally got this idea from the Butterick website on their free download page. They make a fabric "paper" doll with Velcro tabs. Too much fuss for me, felt seemed to be easier and would stick to itself.
So I got to work, made the doll, and then started on some of the clothes. The pink/blue princes dress is reversible as is the ballerina outfit. They got to be a bit heavy, so I went to just one outfit on one side. I then needed a place for her to "live" and made a castle with pockets for some of the smaller pieces like bows and shoes. Next was the mermaid outfit, swimsuit and lace skirt. I could go on making more and more outfits for her...but I'm afraid her castle is already a bit snug - and I'm not sure how to add on an addition.
Princess A loves her felt doll and dressing her up. She comes back to it over and over and loves the fact that mommy made it for her. Could she melt my heart anymore?

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