Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tooth Pillow

Little Man C had a loose tooth quite early - only a 2 months after he turned 5. It was actually quite unexpected. We had been in to the dentist that morning and our hygienist said it was lose and would probably fall out in the next day or so. I was shocked, really - a lose tooth already??!! Well he wiggled and wiggled on it, had it bent all the way forward and asked me how to get it out. I told him to grab it with two fingers and pull....AND HE DID! Out it popped. Now what to do with this tooth? We needed a special place for it under his pillow. So I went out and found a cute pillow pattern by Jill Tacy (can't find it on the web again, so sorry no link.)

I had plenty of scrap fabric around to throw one together quick. It was easy, turned out cute and Little Man C loves it! He's a smiling tooth on one side with a little pocket on the back perfect for a tooth.

Cheeks are pink felt appliqu├ęd on, the eyes and smile are stitched with embroidery thread.

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