Thursday, September 9, 2010

Call Me - T-shirt upcycled into a super cute dress!

I saw this t-shirt at Wal-Mart on the 1.00 rack and just had to have it (seriously, a buck?). However, it was their Miley Cyrus brand and runs very small and is quite thin. But I loved the phone booth…what to do? Make it into a dress for Princess A! I found some faded looking red fabric for 1.95 a yard at the fabric store that matched perfect and picked up a yard.

The first thing I did was take off the sleeves using a seam riper so I could re-use them. I had no idea what I was doing and just winged it. After I had the sleeves off I grabbed a jumper that fits Princess A very well. I laid it on top of the T and cut along the same lines. I then measured about how big the sleeves needed to be and put them back on, sewed up the sides and the basic dress was done.

Then it was on to the ruffles. I made two very long and full rows of ruffles, sewed them on in the middle so it would be floppy on both the top and bottom. I also cut a thin strip to add around the neck.

The headband is actually the bottom of the t-shirt with more ruffles sewed on top.

I made her matching leggings, but didn’t have them done when we did this photo shoot.

It’s a super comfy dress – that cost me less than 3 bucks! Can’t beat that!

We started with this:

And ended up with this:

Don't you love that model pose?

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